Running in the Spirit World

30 08 2009

Just wanted to give people a heads up about next week.  I will be out of town next weekend attending the second Peace and Dignity Journeys California Gathering.  This one is being held north of here in a place called Indian Canyon, near Hollister, Ca.  We plan to focus more on planning versus gathering and ceremony.  It is good to know that people feel the need to begin organizing so early for the next run.  This is not something that we are forcing people to do, It is coming from the community itself.  All of this is very important for the forthcoming run, due to the importance of the time we are facing.  Mayan prophecies are being proven true and if this is the case than we must begin our preparation yesterday.

Our spiritual work is vital to surviving the future that awaits us.  We must build a stronger connection to the ancestors and our ancestral knowledge.  Running is a part of all of this.  Running is an ancient practice for our people.  It brings back memories and stirs up energy within our bodies that has been dormant.  It causes us to think and if you are conscience of your thoughts you can direct them to focus on something in life that requires healing or clarity.

This all brings me to next week, when I will be out of town.  I usually run every Sunday at 8am, and I invite everyone to show up at the Centro Cultural de la Raza at 7:30am and then we circle up and acknowledge the 7 directions and begin our run.

So I ask that those that are interested to please show up and run without me.  I will be asking other PDJ family to commit to being there to lead the group.  If this is the case I will be posting who that is this week by Thursday.

Today’s run was great.  i had one person join me, but what was really cool was seeing Emoat and Estella (forgot her new name) who were near by for the Earth Center classes.  Hadn’t seen Emoat for awhile so that was cool.  Estela are planning on taking a trip to go visit the Cucapa community in October and I will post more info on this as well.

To all those out there who read my blog, gracias, Tlazocamtli.

Mayan Prophecies Proven Accurate..!! Mars nears earth orbit 8/27 at 12:30pm

27 08 2009

This week has been HECTIC with the first days of classes at SD City College.  I survived and so did the students.  It was great seeing all of the youth and older students as well, fighting the stereotype and statistics concerning higher education and La Raza.

On another note, what follows is a message (english summary at bottom) I received in an email from Sergio Nezahualcoyotl Martinez:

“vale la pena
El planetario Internacional en Vancouver de la British Columbia Canadá ha calculado la precisión en la que Marte estará orbitando cerca de la tierra. Sera el día (27-08-2009). 27 de agosto del 2009.
Pero lo mas interesante de todo es que esto estaba predicho en un códice Maya encontrado el la pirámide a lado del Observatorio Estelar en Palenque en Chiapas México.
Con este cálculo matemático Maya ahora los Mayas son considerados como los Griegos de América y orgullo de México.
Por lo menos cuatro o cinco generaciones de la humanidad no volveremos a ver este fenómeno natural.
Muy poca gente lo sabe por el momento, esto fue publicado el lunes 11 de mayo 2009.
Háganlo circular Dos Lunas en el Cielo
El 27 de Agosto, a medianoche y 30 minutos,
mirar al cielo
El planeta Marte será la estrella mas brillante en el cielo será tan grande como la luna llena, Marte estará a 55,75 millones de kilómetros de la tierra.
No te lo pierdas
Será como si la tierra tuviera dos lunas, la próxima vez que este acontecimiento se producirá, está previsto para el año 2287.
Compartir esta información.
Nadie que esté vivo podrá volverlo a ver.
Marte es el planeta de guerra,
se cumplirán las profecías mayas??????.
que opinas???”
My Translation:
The International Planetary in Vancouver, BC Canada has calculated precisely that Mars is orbiting close to the earth en August 27, 2009.
But what is more interesting of everything is that this was predicted in a Mayan codice found in the pyramid next to the Star Observatory in Palenque in Chiapas, Mexico.
With this Mayan mathematical calculation now the Mayas are considered like the Greeks of the Americas and pride of Mexico.
With the minimum four of five generations of humanity will not see this natural phenomenon.
For the moment very few people know, it was published on Monday May 11, 2009.
Circulate this message Two Moons in the Sky, at 12:30 midnight August 27, 2009 look at the sky.
Mars is the brightest star it is as big as a full moon, Mars will be 55,75 million kilometers away from the earth.
Don’t miss out
It will be like earth had two moons, the next time this will occur will be in the year 2287.
No one that is living will be able to see this again.
Mars is the planet of war,
are the Mayan phopecies becoming fulfilled?
what is your opinion?

Native things for weekend, August 21-23

21 08 2009

Meeting and Sweat Lodge for Peace and Dignity community with Cahuilla at Ramona Rez on Friday afternoon.

Mixtec Fundraiser at Worldbeat Center on Saturday evening (see earlier post below) Open to all, tell your friends..!!

Saturday and Sunday Xilonen (coming of age ceremony for women) at Centro Cultural and Chicano Park

Sunday Peace and Dignity Runners Circle beginning at 7:30am at Centro Cultural. (open to all interested in Peace & Dignity)

If you would like more info on any of these items please call me, some of them are invite only.



Finally a Great Book!

21 08 2009

Finally found something I can use for my class.  I must have skimmed about 20 or so books in preparation for my course at city and none come close to doing justice to U.S. History prior to European arrival than this book.

It will be a great addition for my class that starts on Monday, U.S. History From a Chicano Perspective.

I may create another blog with my students writings on their responses to the readings in the class.

FYI I will also be teaching Chicano Culture at 5:20pm at City College if anyone is interested.  I believe both classes are full, but the night course will be easier to get into.

Here is a short quote from the book that I just read, to give you a glimpse of the direction the author takes

“The Eurocentric racial contempt for the indigenous peoples of North and South America, as well as Africa, … is now so complete and second nature to most Americans that it has passed into popular lore and common knowledge…  All that is required, once the model is established, is the recitation of rote learning as it passes from one uncritical generation to the next” (Stannard, 13)

Traditional Mixtec Fundraiser at WBC, Sat 8/22

17 08 2009
Mixtec Traditional
Musical Fundraiser

Date: Saturday, August 22nd 2009
Time: 07:30PM – 11:30PM
$15, 15yrs & younger FREE!

Venue: WorldBeat Cultural Center

2100 Park Blvd. San Diego 92101

Balboa Park

More Info: 619-230-1190

Presenter Website:

Press Contact: Jesse Graham 619-230-1190

WorldBeat Center presents Mixtec traditional music and dance to raise funds for the sanitary sewer system project in Santa Maria Natividad!

Mixtec is a Central American Indigenous population living in the northern and western sections of the state of Oaxaca and in neighboring parts of the states of Guerrero and Puebla in southern Mexico. Since the first settlers arrived over 2500 years ago it has developed a strong regional identity with its dances and artwork famous throughout the country and its language one of the two most popular indigenous tongues. Lately musicians such as internationally famous Lila Downs and the late Alvaro Carrillo together with a host of artists have continued the region’s rich creative tradition.

Our Mixtec performers are from a small town called Santa Maria Natividad. Unfortunately, they come from one of the most vulnerable and marginalized indigenous groups in Mexico. And, they want to make a difference in their hometown fellows’ life. Now, they are in the process of constructing a much-needed sanitary sewer system in Santa Maria Natividad. The purpose of this Mixtec cultural performance is to raise funds for the sewer system while presenting you a feast of their amazing culture.

At this event, there will be a Mixtec traditional band, a DJ, a group to play Cumbia and salsa and Mixtec traditional food. In addition, we are going to display photos of the project and raffle movie tickets.

The name of the Mixtec Town is Santa Maria Natividad

Here is a video of the town project, v=hRY3SalEHak

More information and online registration: Traditional Mixtec Village Fundraiser

Best regards,
WorldBeat Cultural Center

The Struggle Continues from SD to BC

16 08 2009

I challenged myself and others this morning to begin another step towards a better life.  We ran for those that can’t run and for all the elements and all our relations.

I invited others to join me in a short run around Balboa Park here in San Diego.  I wasn’t sure who would show up since I hadn’t made any phone calls and only used the internet to spread the word.

It turns out a good brother and teacher from a south bay middle school showed up to carry the torch with me.  It turns out, there was a sponsored half-marathon going on at the same time.

We ignored the thousands of runners that ran through the park with numbers pinned to their shirts.  We chose Black Bandanas as our symbol for running.  I’m looking forward to next week and another good run.

I thought I would also post this symbol for the brothers and sisters up in so called British Colombia.  Check out their website to learn more about their efforts to stop the Olympics from taken place on Native Land and protecting mother earth.

click on image to go to there website

click on image to go to there website

Mapuche Native Murdered by Chilean Police

13 08 2009

I am forwarding this message from the Woman’s Coordinating Committee Canada-Chile.

***Please Forward Wideley***

URGENT! Mapuche Youth Murdered by Chilean National Police in Malleco Wednesday, August 12, 2009 News in Development….. 24 year-old Mapuche community member, José Facundo Mendoza Collío, died this afternoon, after a group of families belonging to the Requén Pillán Community of the Ercilla area, occupied the San Sebastián estate located 12 kilometres west of Collipulli, township of Angol. According to the information stated by Radio Bio Bio, the projectile had entered through his ribs, in a skirmish during a weapons seizure. There is also information that a police officer had been injured by pellets on his face. The Military Prosecutor and Chief Prosecutor of Collipulli are directing themselves to the site of the incident to begin the investigation.

Agrupacion Mapuche Kilapan Distributed By:

The Women’s Coordinating Committee Chile-Canada Email:

Indigenous Youth Delegation to Palestine

12 08 2009

Just wanted to pass on this news that was sent to me.  It is from Native youth from the SF Bay Area that traveled to Palestine to build a bridge between Native people from across the world.  Here is there latest update and also look for the Links I just added for their blog and SNAG magazine.


From the Ibdaa Cultural Center in the Dheisheh Refugee Camp, to the Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem, to Hebron, the Old City, Beit Ummar, the Shufat Refugee Camp and remnants of the Lifta village in Jerusalem, to Qalandia and Qalqilia, to the Al r’ad Center and the Balata Camp – we have been immersed in the sights and smells of Palestine and Israel over the past week. Check out the Connections and Journey sections of our blog. We have made many connections already – deep and intense between Palestine and Turtle Island/Aztlan; bringing together youth in refugee camps together who don’t have the opportunities to travel much; serendipitously introducing our bus driver/olive farmer to a Palestinian fair trade organization that could export his product; and much more that you will learn about upon our return home.

For now, we have noted the similarities between the Palestinian indigenous experience and ours in the United States and Mexico – the massive agricultural destruction; settler tactics; the burning of lands, wreckage and deaths that precede occupation; land disputes; court entanglement; settlements; people having to work in settlements because roads/walls have cut through their lands and intentionally destroyed communities, families, infrastructure, agriculture, businesses…This week has been about learning and connecting. The week that follows will be about strategies for how to survive and thrive. We worked with the youth in the Balata camp to set up a blog to share their stories in Arabic: More to come!

The journey is just the beginning of a 100% grassroots effort to connect struggles and strategies of resistance. We plan to create a documentary film about the experience; a tri-lingual magazine (English, Spanish; Arabic); a music CD with Native and Palestinian artists; bring Palestinian youth to the United States to visit and stay on Native reservations and work with the youth; and much more. You can support these efforts in any of these ways:

MAILING DONATIONS: You can send contributions directly to Delegation – P.O. Box 40597, San Francisco CA 94140.
ONLINE DONATIONS: We have also set up a Facebook Causes page where you can donate: Help Send Native Youth to Palestine! Or, if you are logged in to Paypal, you can also click here to donate safely online.
You can help organize or help promote a Report Back! When the delegates return to the U.S at the end of August, we will be carrying with us stories, images, music, and ideas generated during our time in Palestine.  We are committed to using these to do organizing and education back home and we need your help! Invite us to come into your classrooms, youth groups, and homes. We hope that each report back can also be a fundraiser so that we can begin immediately collecting the funds we need to bring a delegation of youth from our partner organizations in Palestine to visit and work with us in our communities here in the U.S.
Help us produce our film! With the footage, images, and music we have been creating and collecting as we travel, we are producing our own film as a tool for our ongoing education and organizing. We need your help to make it happen and make it quality.  We need funds for translation, sound and color correction, graphics, dvd production, and distribution.
Help produce and distribute SNAG Magazine! The next issue of SNAG Magazine is dedicated entirely to the images, art, and writing that the Native, Xicana, and Palestinian youth are creating. The issue will be published in three languages- Arabic, English, and Spanish!  If you can use this as a tool in your classrooms, community organizations, libraries, or youth groups, contact us to pre-order copies that should be available by WInter 2009: We are also collecting funds to translate, produce and mail the magazine out.

Reminder of Peace & Dignity Gathering at Indian Canyon, Sept 4-6, 2009

10 08 2009

I am passing on this message from Lorena Montoya one of the Coordinators from the SF Bay Area.  If you have any questions please reply to her email that is in the flyer image.

Hello P&D family!

I hope you’re all well. Attached you’ll find the flyer for the bay area P&D gathering in September.  Please RSVP as soon as you can so that we can get more info out to you about the gathering.  Please disseminate this flyer as widely as possible (and post to your myspace pages, etc.) so that we can reach out to as many P&D runners, organizers, supporters, etc. as possible—but only those who RSVP will receive follow up emails. Hope to hear from many, if not all, of you! Can’t wait to see everyone again at beautiful Indian Canyon and I hope the creator is looking over you and your families.

In solidarity,


Native People Like Baseball too.

8 08 2009

Ok I know this has nothing to do with a native journey, but hey natives are people too and we are dynamic people with various interest.  Plus native people have always engaged in some kind of sports for thousands of years.

So last night a good friend of mine and his nephew went to check out a some baseball.  It was my first game since I’ve been back in San Diego and I miss watching baseball games with friends and family.  So we headed out to watch the Padres play the New York Mets.  Being a native San Diegan I have always been a Padres fan, but I particulary don’t like the New York Mets or the Yankees, so it was gonna be interesting.

To say the least I was very pleased, despite the fact of all the Mets Fans that were sitting near me.  Hopefully they don’t plan on staying in San Diego for long.  So the game was kinda slow for the first 7 innings.  The Mets lead 2-0 for most the game, but in the ninth inning Everth Cabrera hits a grand slam home run to win the game.  The crowd went wild and suddenly all the Mets fans were gone!

After the game we stayed for some fireworks and headed home.  Even though the Pads are in last players I still give props to Cabrera for making it a great night at the ball game.

Cabrera celebrates his walk-off grand slam as he reaches home plate.

Cabrera celebrates his walk-off grand slam as he reaches home plate.